2015 AAPN Annual Meeting May 3 - 5 | Fontainebleau | Miami Beach


Strategic Innovation

Do you realize that the vast majority of mankind never comes to a fork in the road? They reach up, pick the fruit that’s ripe that day and eat it. They just live the life uncomplicated. Not us. In 2001, many U.S. contractors and most apparel factories of the Americas just sewed. They didn’t cut. They definitely didn’t design or sublimate or create brands. Not today. That’s because they came to a fork in the road and they took it. Together, they discovered all of these advantages – proximity, culture, systems, business models, education, standards, beliefs – and manufacturing in the Americas quickly became easier, better, faster, safer and even cheaper than the rest of the world. More forks are coming, many many forks in the road and as a network, we are headed in the direction of innovation, of strategic sharing, of a journey we’ve been on together for this our 34th year of traveling as a network.

Of the “ The 30 Essential Books You Must Read ” list published earlier this year, our keynote speaker, Seth Godin , wrote three of them: Purple Cow; Permission Marketing; and Tribes . He’s the ‘change’ guy. His message is, “you think you manage change, but change is managing you.” This talk is going to make it rain ideas across the chain all the way to the consumer. Seth normally talks to audiences of 2,000 and up. Our 200 will represent the entire industry of the Americas.

What about supply chain; retail; online? Johnnie Rush, a noted speaker and author, is now the VP of Retail Innovation at Home Shopping Network. As an architectural and merchandise designer, he bridges the gap between the art and the science of the complete retail experience. He’ll detail his "Ten Rules of Retail Innovation." For over a hundred years, retailers have looked at the previous year to make next year's forecast. No more. Last month, last week, a new channel was found by consumers.

And digital; design and fashion? Anastasia Charbin   is based in Paris as Lectra’s Worldwide Fashion & Apparel Marketing Director. She has worldwide experience in brand awareness, lead generation and go-to-market with oversight of Lectra’s subsidiary fashion and apparel marketing strategies. She is also responsible for Lectra's 900 fashion educational partners, including a major fashion campaign, "A Model for Change." All the excitement of what you’re wearing started with a designer, sitting in front of a screen, and Stacey knows what she sees.