2015 AAPN Annual Meeting May 3 - 5 | Fontainebleau | Miami Beach

Pre-Registered Attendees

Registered Attendees

Textile/Apparel Supply Chain Executives » 

  • Aalfs Mfg.
    Neal Stringer, Vice President
    George Wiederecht, SVP Sales & Marketing
  • Academy Sports & Outdoors
    Lynne Sprugel, VP & Managing Director - Int'l Sourcing Ops→ AAPN Board of Directors
  • Affinity Apparel
    Jeff Smith, Director of Supply Chain
    Marcia Hischke, VP of Product Development
    Jerry Yates, VP of Manufacturing
  • Alamac American Knits LLC
    Mark Cabral, President
  • American & Efird → AAPN Corporate Partner
    Al Irvine, Senior VP Sales
    Mark Hatton, Director of Marketing & Sales Administration
    Roger Consuegra, GM - Latin America
  • AMG
    Peter Brink (Sandy Brink)
  • American Woolen Company
    Jennifer Knight, President & COO
    Jacob Long, CEO
  • Antex Knitting Mills
    Anna MacMassey, VP of Merchandising & Design
    Aaron Tavdi, VP/Guru Knits
  • APJeT/Emrich Enterprises
    Martha Emrich, Director of Business Development/Partner
  • Appletree Group
    Josephine Ho, VP of Product & Business Development
  • APS Global Inc
    Michael Cox, COO
  • Avery Dennison → INNOVATION PARTNER
    Shawn Neville, President  
    Greg Newell, General Manager  
    Jill Coleman, Market Development Manager
    Joy Seusing, Senior Director - Communications
  • Buhler Quality Yarns → AAPN Corporate Partner
    David Sasso, VP International Sales → AAPN Executive Committee
    Marty Moran, CEO
  • Bureau Veritas Consumer Products
    Rick Horwitch, VP, Strategy & Solutions Business → AAPN Executive Committee & COB
    Carlos Lozano, Regional GM Mexico & Central America
  • Carolina Cotton Works
    Bryan Ashby, VP Sales & Marketing
  • C.H. Robinson
    Fred Annunziata, Director Latin America
  • C.I. Jeans
    Tomas Navarro, VP Sales
  • Coats → AAPN Corporate Partner
    Sid Howard, Senior VP
    Alfredo Romo, Commercial Director
  • Columbia Sportswear
    Lori Boullet, Director, Americas Liaison Office
  • Contempora Fabrics → Meeting Sponsor
    Ron Roach, President (Paula Roach)
    Alex Whitley, Vice President of Sales (Dawn Whitley)
  • Cotswold Industries
    Bill Broadway, President
  • Cotton Council International
    Nina Maldonado, Andean Regional Director
  • Coville Inc
    Kevin Williams, VP Marketing & Business Development → AAPN Secretary/Treasurer
  • Creative Merchandising
    Landy Rodriguez, CEO
  • Crystal Hosiery
    Juan Diego Calle, Exports Director
  • CS America, Inc.
    In Tae Joo, President/CEO
  • Custom Outfitters LLC
    Sam Waksman, President
    David Pancer, Vice President
  • Customs and Trade Services, Inc. / Taggart International → AAPN Corporate Partner
    Sean K Scarbrough, President
    Roger Kunstman, Marketing Manager
  • Crowley Maritime Corp.
    Don Hire, Director, Business Development → AAPN Board of Directors
  • Darlington Fabrics
    Steve Perry, Executive Vice President → AAPN Board of Directors
    Mindy Earleywine, Sales Manager
    Carol Gross, Sales Manager
    David Turk, Sales Representative
    Beth Rodgers, Sales Account Manager
  • DeSales Trading Co Inc
    Mark T. Murray, VP Sales & Marketing
  • DigitalPRO
    Juan Carlos Castaneda, CEO
  • FABRA USA Inc.
    Andrea Bertele', President/CEO
  • Fanatics Inc.
    Calvin Coy, VP Supply Chain
    Eric Joo, Director of Sourcing → AAPN Board of Directors
    Karyn Spenser, Production Planning Manager
    Kathryn Eschleman, Sourcing Manager
  • Fashion Sources
    Allen Edelson, President
  • Finotex USA AAPN Corporate Partner
    William Yidi, VP Sales & Marketing
    Andres Yidi, VP Administration & Finance
  • Flynn Enterprises Inc
    Jason Powell, Vice President
    Wes Sowards, Senior Sales Manager
  • Gap Inc
    Patricia Lopez, Sr Director GIS Central America
  • George C Moore Company
    Andrew Dreher, President
    Jaime Campos, Country Manager/Director of Operations
    Elisa Torres, Marketing & Innovation Manager
  • Gerber Technology → Meeting Sponsor
    Jorge DeLeon, Director - Latin America
  • Gerson and Gerson
    Barbara Zeins, President & COO → AAPN Board of Directors 
  • Great Bear International Inc
    Joe Stephenson, President →  Past AAPN President
  • Grupo M
    Fernando Capellan, President & CEO
    Joseph Blumberg, Operations Director
    Monica Capellan, Purchasing Director
  • GT Nexus → AAPN Corporate Partner
    Kurt Cavano, Founder, Vice Chairman, Chief Strategy Officer → AAPN Executive Committee
  • Haggar Clothing Company
    Anthony Anzovino, VP Global Sourcing → AAPN Board of Directors
  • Hamrick Mills
    Jim Hopkins, Director of Sales 
  • Herrajes Dudi SAS
    Jorge Duque, Commercial Director
  • HSN Inc
    Johnnie Rush, VP Retail Innovation
  • Huntsman
    Julio Carrillo, Brand & Retail Marketing Americas
  • Image Solutions
    Ramon Pradera, Director of Sourcing & Procurement
  • Indiana Knitwear
    Gene Bate, CEO
  • Industrias Merlet
    Alfredo Frech. Director of Product Development
    Jose Ortiz, Director of Sales & Product Development
    Lorenzo Guirola, Director of Operations
    Robert McKee, Global Fashion Industry Strategy Director 
    Ben Silver, Director of Sales Fashion
  • Intradeco
    Jaime Miguel, Sr VP Operations
    Julio Barea, CEO and Founder
  • Jeannamarie Cox
  • Kaltex → AAPN Corporate Partner
    Humberto Flores, Commercial Director
    Hebe Schecter, CFO
    Alyn Kalach, Senior Industrial Designer, VP of Creative Services
    Bradford Fritts, President (Kaltex America)
  • Kelly Global Logistics
    Humberto Delara, President
    Rafaela Menendez, Customer Service
  • Lacoste
    Kenneth Wilson, CEO, Americas Sourcing Platform
    Roy Shurling, President North America  →  AAPN Board of Directors 
    Carlos Sarmiento, Sales Director, Mexico
    Rick Richardson, Account Director
    Kim Smith-Bufton, Marketing Manager
    Edouard Macquin, EVP-Sales
    Rusty McClintock, Sales Director, Fashion and Apparel
  • Lenzing
    David Adkins, Sales Director
  • Lion Brothers Co.
    Susan Ganz, CEO
  • MIFS
    Jose Aquirre, COO
  • Milco Industries
    David Cohen, Vice President
  • Monterey Mills
    Brent Birkhoff, COO
    Daniel Yung, VP Sales/Chief Marketing Officer
  • New Holland Apparel
    Warren M. Hackman, CEO
    C. Doug Snyder, VP of Operations
    David L. Hackman, Vice President
  • Next Wave Sublimation Solutions
    Patrick Clark, President
    Andrew Fields, Vice President
  • NGC Software → AAPN Corporate Partner
    Fred Isenberg, President, Consulting
    Roger Mayerson, Director, Business Solutions
  • Patagonia
    Francisco Luna, Sportswear Sourcing Manager
  • Pathway Advisors LLC
    Kim Macaulay, Managing Director
  • Polygon Software
    Andrew Wohlmuth
    Martin Wohlmuth, VP Sales
  • ProColombia → AAPN Corporate Partner
    Silvia Cobos, Senior Textile & Apparel Specialist
  • Production Department
    Mark Gitomer, President
    Kevin Flynn, VP Full Package
  • Productivity Inc.
    James Vatalaro
    Maureen Fahey, Managing Partner
    Luis Mosqueda, General Manger
  • r-pac International Corp.
    Jim Kane, Global Account Executive
  • Rocedes Apparel S.A. AAPN Corporate Partner
    Scott Vaughn, President → AAPN Board of Directors
  • SANDS 51
    Seth Schreiber, President

  • SAS Textiles Inc
    Uwe Heintel, VP Global Sales, Business & Product Development
  • Seaboard Marine → AAPN Corporate Partner
    Maggie Martinez, Director of Sales
    Jose Perez Jones, Senior Vice President
  • Sealand → AAPN Corporate Partner
    Alain Jandaly, Key Client Manager
    Napoleon Marlona, Country Manager HON NCA
  • Sensient Imaging Technologies
    Michael Labella, Regional Manager
  • Shuford Yarns LLC → Meeting Sponsor
    Marvin Smith, President/CEO (Ginger Smith)
  • Simparel
    John Robinson, Senior Vice President
  • Smith Logistics International
    Igort del Haya, President
  • SNC Technical Services, LLC
    Humberto Zacapa, CEO
    Ivan Nunez, Business Development Officer
  • Sourcing Journal
    Tara Donaldson
  • Straus Knitting Mills Inc
    Doug Hager, VP of Sales
    Charly Norgard, President
    Victoria Swanson, Vice President of Operations
  • Swisstex Direct LLC
    Keith Dartley, President
  • Target
    Karen Epple, Sr Fabric Sourcing Mgr/Supply Chain
  • Tejidos Gulfer
    Dan Chalem, President
  • TexOps → AAPN Corporate Partner
    Juan Zighelboim, President → AAPN President
    David Ha, CEO → AAPN Board of Directors
  • Textil Del Valle S.A.
    Fernando Garibaldi, CEO
  • Textile World → AAPN Industry Partner
    James Borneman, Editor in Chief
  • The Common Link
    Wilson Avalos, President
  • The Moore Company
    James O'Connor, Corporate Director Purchasing
  • The Orvis Company
    Chris Reid
    Raj Sareen, Director (Khushboo Sareen)
  • Tuscarora Yarns
    Mary Rigby, Executive Assistant Sales & Marketing
    Andy Long, VP Sales & Marketing
  • Under Armour
    Randy Harward, VP Materials (Elizabeth Harward) → AAPN Board of Directors
  • Unifi
    Joseph Yates, International Sales Manager
    Larry Plyler, Brand Sales Manager
    Chad Bolick, Global Brand Sales Manager
  • Vanguard Pai Lung
    Gary Nestle, Director of Marketing
    Mike Moody, VP Product Development
  • VF Corporation
    Aaron Ledet, VP, US Manufacturing
  • VF Sourcing Latin America
    Danilo Amoretty, Sourcing Director
  • Visionet
    Arshad Masood, CEO
  • Williamson-Dickie Mfg Co
    John Strasburger, Sr VP Global Supply Chain
    Cesar Montoya, Latin America Contracting Mgr
  • Winds Enterprises
    Deborah Richert, VP Brand Services
  • World Textile Sourcing
    Luis Antonio Aspillaga, CEO (Claudia Aspillaga)
    Eduardo Elias, CFO
    Alexis Stuart, New York Showroom Director
  • WRAP
    Clay Hickson, Senior Director, Strategy & Business Development
  • WWA Advisors → AAPN Corporate Partner
    Walter T. Wilhelm, Chairman
    Stephanie Wilhelm, Vice President
  • YKK (USA) Inc → AAPN Corporate Partner
    Mark Dillon, Sales Director
    Brian Miller, Director of Sales